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Friday, June 15

8:00am EDT

9:00am EDT

11:00am EDT

Black Snake Killaz: A #NoDAPL Story Film Screening STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry BAlex Binder • Christopher Schiano • Jenn Schreiter • Lorenzo Serna Clark Park: A Documentary Screening & Discussion STATE HALL: Room 106Troy Anderson Black Touch STUDENT CENTER: Room 025Angela Davis Johnson • nyx zierhut Community Tech in Practice: Building Community Wifi Networks MCGREGOR: Room F/G/HTeresa Basilio Gaztambide • Diana Nucera Decolonizing Family History through Storytelling STATE HALL: Room 125Chantal Shaffer Digitizing Palestine: Storytelling and the Moving Image STATE HALL: Room 117Leila Abdelrazaq • Ryah Aqel • Nehad Khader • Razan al Salah DIY Embroidery Patches MCGREGOR: Room JLucia Calderon Arrieta Hacking Wikipedia: How to bring your community to the world STUDENT CENTER: Room 384Sanghapali Aruna • Grace Banu • Maari Zwick Maitreyi • Thenmozhi Soundararajan Ha`ani`s Adventure Story! STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry EMariana Green • Enid Munoz Healing Justice Podcast Story Lab MCGREGOR: Room CJustin Campbell • Marcia Lee • Kate Werning Holding Space Part I: Strategies for Anti-Oppressive Facilitation STATE HALL: Room 101Autumn Brown • Maryse Mitchell-Brody Kinetic Knowledge Through African Dance STUDENT CENTER: Room 020Ajara Alghali • Whitney Smith Oracles: Divination Practice & Portrait-Making STATE HALL: Room 128Sophia Nahli Allison • Diana Diroy • Ligaiya Romero Repetition Is Sacred: Group Poetry as Ceremony for Change STATE HALL: Room 134Alexis Pauline Gumbs • Sangodare (Julia Roxanne Wallace) Sonic Rewrites STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry CSam Cooper • Elisabeth Pixley-Fink Let`s Talk About Movement Journalism STATE HALL: Room 131Chelsea Fuller • Anna Simonton Team Internet: What We Learned Organizing to Save Net Neutrality STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry ALaila Abdelaziz • Mary Alice Crim • Mark Stanley The Nuts & Bolts of Fundraising from Foundations STATE HALL: Room 113mai cortez doan • Joy Messinger Character Animation for every BODY MCGREGOR: Room BSPNN Youth Action Committee Ripple Mapping the Impact of the AMC STATE HALL: Room 137Una Lee Communities of Practice: Creating Community Accountable Research STATE HALL: Room 116Qui Dorian Alexander • Diana Chandara • A.K. O’Loughlin • Noah NuhuBabuKubwa Isaiah Sims Design Against Design STUDENT CENTER: Room 285Marie Noelle Hebert • Kevin Yuen Kit Lo • Lolo Sirois Libraries Empower Incarcerated Youth STATE HALL: Room 118Liz Atack • Klem-Mari Cajigas • Raemona Little Taylor • Niq Tognoni Reclaiming Science: What is community-based science? STATE HALL: Room 114Kieran Alessi • Mara Freilich • August Guang • Steph Yin Cuir Kitchen Brigade SHUTTLE STOP: Anthony Wayne + KirbyTara Rodríguez Besosa • Luz Cruz/ Pao Lebron • Patri González Ramírez Five Miles of Freedom: African American History Tour in Detroit SHUTTLE STOP: Anthony Wayne + KirbyJamon Jordan From Growing Economy to Growing Our Soul – East Side Detroit Tour. SHUTTLE STOP: Anthony Wayne + KirbyRichard Feldman Kit an` Kin - Cooking Class with the Family SHUTTLE STOP: Anthony Wayne + KirbyAnya Peters and Peters Family

12:00pm EDT

12:45pm EDT

#MoreThanCode: Findings from the Tech 4 Social Justice Field Scan STATE HALL: Room 114Sasha Costanza-Chock • Helyx Chase Scearce Horwitz • T4SJ Project Partners Black Snake Killaz: A #NoDAPL Story Film Screening (Lunch + Panel) STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry BAlex Binder • Christopher Schiano • Jenn Schreiter • Lorenzo Serna Building a Research Justice Network STATE HALL: Room 131Sam Appel • Diana Benitez • Sally Marquez Decolonize your Bod-tany with Queer Ecology STATE HALL: Room 116Moretta Browne • Edgar Flores Digital Data Detox STATE HALL: Room 118Karolle Rabarison Digital Stories of Community, Art, and Resistance STATE HALL: Room 117Nijeul Porter • Ozi Uduma Grow Abundance: Black Women Business Bestie Mastermind Circles STATE HALL: Room 123Hope Lehman • Kamilah Richardson Latinx Healing from Colonialism STATE HALL: Room 127Alexandra Corwin • Diana Quinn ND Lunchtime Meetup: Workshop w/ Yvette Rock MCGREGOR: Room L/MYvette Rock Mealtime MeetUp with DNA and MIT Co-Creation Studio STATE HALL: Room 106Katerina Cizek • Sarah Wolozin PEN America & Local Community Events STATE HALL: Room 137Donald Vincent Queer Muslim Wholeness STATE HALL: Room 128amp • Shenaaz Janmohamed • Annie “Q” Sajid&amp Riot Youth: Our queer stories STATE HALL: Room 115Paige Danovi • Alex Kincade-Beal • Ebere Oparaeke • Suzie Staley • Mattea Turreane • Jade Wang Sharing Tools for Change: creating a more just and open city STATE HALL: Room 134Tara Eisenberg Swords into Plowshares: Reclaim the Bible for Healing & Justice STATE HALL: Room 135SueAnn Shiah Twelve Lessons from "Parable of the Sower" STATE HALL: Room 125olaronke akinmowo Wakanda Foreva, eva? Black Folks at AMC! STATE HALL: Room 113Tawana Petty (she/her) • Moya Bailey • Nandi

2:00pm EDT

The Courage to Feel Sing Along! STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry FRi Aztec Dance and the Beginnings of the Day of the Dead Celebration STUDENT CENTER: Room 020Kia Ix Arriaga • Larry McMann • Naomi Acoyani Trevino BYP100 Presents The Black Joy Experience STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry CJonathan Lykes • JeNae Taylor CareForce One Travelogues STATE HALL: Room 106Anjum Asharia • Marisa Jahn Reflections in BlaQ: Performing Black Queer Archives MCGREGOR: Room BKiyan Williams Screening of New Detroit Documentary: Last Days of Chinatown STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry ANicole Macdonald Choose Your Adventure: DIY Future Architecture Comic STUDENT CENTER: Room 285Aaron Jones Data-Driven Research for Abolition STATE HALL: Room 115Chelsea Barabas • Sharlyn Grace • Rodrigo Ochigame • Hannah Sassaman Disguising Data Against Ubiquitous Surveillance MCGREGOR: Room F/G/HPaola Mosso Holding Space Part II: Facilitator Magic! STATE HALL: Room 101Autumn Brown • Maryse Mitchell-Brody How to do Individual Donor Visits to Raise Money! STATE HALL: Room 113Mary Grace Wolf Intergenerational Collage Co-Lab STATE HALL: Room 137Halima Cassells • Linda Cassells • Nele • Nia-Rah • Nzinga Let`s Make a Mask! STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry EMario Avila • Rogelio Arreola Rangel Reclaim Tarot within Communities of Color STATE HALL: Room 128Casey Rocheteau • Jana Lynne Umipig Shariah, Race, and American Islam: Case of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf STATE HALL: Room 118Alison Kysia Stitches of Love Crochet and Knitting Circle STATE HALL: Room 135Mayte Penman • DiVine Smith War on Drugs is a War on Healing STATE HALL: Room 123Ifetayo Harvey • Magalie Lerman • La Pachamami Recipes of Resilience: Transforming Trauma with Food STATE HALL: Room 131Amanny Ahmad • Tara Rodríguez Besosa • Neftali Duran • Kate McCabe • Anya Peters Trauma Informed Impact Strategy STATE HALL: Room 127Sonya Childress • Twiggy Pucci-Garcon Intro to Podcasting STUDENT CENTER: Room 384Aaron Lakoff • Abby Madan • Aliya Pabani Participatory Video for Peace STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry DMonica Curca • Thor Morales Propaganda Party for Housing Justice & Clean Water MCGREGOR: Room JNora Almeida • Lena Greenberg • Maryam Gunja • Jen Hoyer Archiving Movement Media STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry BHelyx Chase Scearce Horwitz Can You Hear Us Now? Movement, Techies and Technology Politics STATE HALL: Room 134Alice Aguilar • Alfredo Lopez • Cayden Mak Data for Police Accountability STATE HALL: Room 114Camille Fassett • Jamie Garcia • Hamid Khan • Nadia Khan It`s Complicated: Healing Our Relationship with $ to Do More Good STATE HALL: Room 117Rhiannon Rhi Chester Strategies for Transforming Journalism STATE HALL: Room 125Mia Henry • Lewis Wallace Young People Building a Culture of Consent in Technology MCGREGOR: Room CTahliyah Griffin • Shamash Lima • Jahtiek McKenzie • Nevaeh Rios • Maya Wagoner 791.4 HYPE Radio - Teen Podcasting in the Library SHUTTLE STOP: Anthony Wayne + KirbyAmisha Harijan Detroit Sound Conservancy Music Tour SHUTTLE STOP: Anthony Wayne + KirbyCarleton Gholz • Jonah Raduns-Silverstein • Adriel Thorton

4:00pm EDT

BUFU: Our Selves, Our Stories, and Our Futures STATE HALL: Room 101Sonia Choi • Jazmin Jones • Tsige Tafesse • Katherine Tom Water Warriors - Screening & Conversation STATE HALL: Room 106Michael Premo #MeToo Reporting from a Feminist Transformative Justice Lens STATE HALL: Room 128Claudia Garcia-Rojas • Deana Lewis De-mechanize Design: This is not a Poster STUDENT CENTER: Room 285Katie Diamond • Liz Morgan Emergent Motion Jam: Improvisational Dance from the Margins STUDENT CENTER: Room 020the Redwoods Fantasy Island: Decolonial Futures & Puerto Rican Response STATE HALL: Room 113Shey Rivera Ríos • Jo Cosme • Joel Rivera How to Remix City Bureau’s “Public Newsroom” Model STATE HALL: Room 123Bettina Chang • Andrea Faye Hart • Aaliyah Wright Imagination as a Research Tool STATE HALL: Room 116Nina Bhattacharya • Payal Kumar Just Joking: Humor Writing For Young People STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry EMacy Gould Rethinking the Public Restroom: Signage Design Workshop STATE HALL: Room 137Sarah Ferguson • Asad Pervaiz Surviving Impossible Times: Herbal Strategies for People of Color STUDENT CENTER: Room 025Carmen Malis King • Triana Kazaleh Sirdenis • Lottie Spady Transforming the Family Album into a Tool for Social Change STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry BThomas Allen Harris Dismantle Mass Incarceration Through Participatory Action Research STATE HALL: Room 118Eli Moore • Tamisha Walker Fiscal Sponsorship: Sharing Resources to Build Community STATE HALL: Room 134Courtney Harge • Toni Moceri • Beth Warshaw Our Data Bodies Matter! STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry CTawana Petty (she/her) • Virginia Eubanks • Seeta Peña Gangadharan • Tamika Lewis • Mariella Saba Revisiting Asset-based Mapping STUDENT CENTER: Room 384Diana Benitez • Betty Marín Audacity Awesome: The Basics of Editing Audio STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry DKrusheska M. Quirós DIY video making STATE HALL: Room 114Makhno's Ghost • Djab Maroon • Tierra Morena #WokeAt5: Justice Education in the K-2 Classroom MCGREGOR: Room CPhylicia Brown An Online Platform for International Solidarity Movements STATE HALL: Room 115Micah Fedenko • Maimuna Touray Artivism: Radical Art for Rapid Response Change STATE HALL: Room 135Sabiha Basrai • Free Egunfemi • Biana Nozaki-Nasser • Nijeul Porter Digital Consent is Coercive MCGREGOR: Room F/G/HJamie Garcia • Hamid Khan • Nadia Khan • Ken Montenegro Feeding Radical Movements STATE HALL: Room 131Tagan Engel • Tina Orlandini • Gabriela Álvarez I’ma Read, I’ma Read, I’ma Read: Collecting a Hip Hop Archive STATE HALL: Room 117Shanna Collins • darien r wendell Politics of Erasure: Intentional Marketing of QTPOC STATE HALL: Room 125Jayson Douglas Today's Equity, Tomorrow's Museum MCGREGOR: Room BRhea Boese-Colond • Abby Liegl • Opeyemi

5:30pm EDT

6:00pm EDT

6:30pm EDT

7:30pm EDT

8:00pm EDT

10:00pm EDT


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