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Saturday, June 16

9:00am EDT

11:00am EDT

From the Rebel Alliance to Wakanda: Sci-fi Movement Building STATE HALL: Room 101Autumn Brown • Kai M. Green • Terry Marshall • Jenna Peters-Golden • Manju Rajendran • Makani Themba Detroit Cooperates: C2BE’s Grassroots Enterprises tour SHUTTLE STOP: Anthony Wayne + KirbyBryce Detroit StoryShift: Amplify, Resource & Support Accountable Storytelling STATE HALL: Room 134Noel Didla • Jayeesha Dutta • Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi • Yudith Nieto • Michael Premo AMC2018 TECH Pop-Up STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry AMichael Kuetemeyer • Matthew MacVey • Anula Shetty Black Futures: Monetizing the Scam STATE HALL: Room 127McKensie Mack • Elijah McKinnon Coding For Community STUDENT CENTER: Room 384Bettie • Darius • Keiyon • Tychichus • Tyree Fire: A Transformation Oracle STATE HALL: Room 128Alexis Pauline Gumbs • Sangodare (Julia Roxanne Wallace) Healing Uses of Plant Technology STUDENT CENTER: Room 285Karen L. Culpepper • Richael Faithful • Miriam Zoila Pérez Not in My House: Celebrating LGBTQ Identity through Performance STUDENT CENTER: Room 020Kristi Faulkner • Dwayne Cole Jr. • AJ Sims • Brandi Smith Remix History STATE HALL: Room 118Yashan Clarke • Iliana Lugo • Laura Scheiber Scrapbook Detroit’s People and History MCGREGOR: Room CVassilis Jacobs • Debra Walker • Ingrid White Truly Accessible Spaces: Designing WITH Disabled Organizers STUDENT CENTER: Room 025Elea Chang • Melissa Chavez Visual Resistance & Design for Our Movements STATE HALL: Room 137Molly Jane • Andrea Salazar #OwningOurStories: Race, Power and Media STATE HALL: Room 131Manolia Charlotin • Teresa Basilio Gaztambide • Janine Jackson • Roberta Rael • Joseph Torres Building a Freedom School Movement in Detroit STATE HALL: Room 116Piper Carter • Mike Doan • Amaniyea Ellis • Joy Ellis • Salima Ellis Cooperative Ecosystem: Lessons in Building Community Wealth STATE HALL: Room 113Margo Dalal • B. Anthony Holley • Meghan Sobocienski • Lucas Turner-Owens • Ed Whitfeld Decentralized Health Equity Model for LGBTQ+ Patients STATE HALL: Room 135Theodore Tinnell Healing Justice Lineages: A History Discussion STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry CAutumn Brown • Adela Nieves Martinez • Cara Page • Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha • Rico • Triana Kazaleh Sirdenis Roundtable: Objectivity, Intimacy & Integrity MCGREGOR: Room BSarah Alvarez • Jade Begay • Tina Vasquez • Lewis Wallace • Ayana Young Transforming Trauma: Youth-Led Social Justice Movements STATE HALL: Room 106Hasna Ghalib • Alex Kime • Ebere Oparaeke • Laila Pasha • Molly Pershin Raynor Act Out to Tear Down: Disrupt with Theatre of the Oppressed MCGREGOR: Room JRaven Stubbs • Chahney Young Youth Fighting 4 Justice: The Mixtape STATE HALL: Room 115Shalina S. Ali • Tyrone Randall • JENE TATE • FIDEL VERDIN Designing Possibilities for the Wellbeing of Black Women STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry BDenise Shanté Brown • N'Deye Diakhate Indigenous Storytelling: Resisting Co2lonialism STATE HALL: Room 125S (she/her) • Eriel Deranger Local Opportunities to Preserve Net Neutrality STATE HALL: Room 123Sarah Morris • Hannah Sassaman Migration Justice in Canada-US Border Communities STATE HALL: Room 117Grace Wu • Julie Young Sex Work in the Digital Age: Navigating Consent MCGREGOR: Room F/G/HZoe Trope Detroit Narrative Agency 2.0 Project Screenings SHUTTLE STOP: Anthony Wayne + Kirbypaige watkins • ill Weaver FEEST With Us! SHUTTLE STOP: Anthony Wayne + KirbyCamille Charles • Kyasia Gunter • Kit an' Kin • Tajjae Maycock • Yasmine Mercado • Quianna Minott • Jelani Norman • Jamisha Williams • Kashani Williams Networks of the Equitable Internet Initiative Tour SHUTTLE STOP: Anthony Wayne + KirbyJanice Gates • Diana Nucera From Growing Our Economy to Growing Our Soul – East Side Detroit Tour. SHUTTLE STOP: Anthony Wayne + KirbyRichard Feldman

12:45pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

Shifting Power with Participatory Video STATE HALL: Room 106Monica Curca • Rhanda Dormeus • Thor Morales • Theresa Smith • Lauri Valdez Youth Participatory Action Research for Social Justice STATE HALL: Room 116Sana Azim • Alan Cheng • Marquise Cox • Jessie Levandov • Iyleen Torres AMC2018 TECH Pop-Up STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry AAnum Awan • Faye Hayes • Devdhar Patel An(Other) Cyborg Manifesto: Disability as Dissonance STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry CArcee Neal Animation for Social Change STATE HALL: Room 118Carrie Hawks • Consuela Lopez Block-Printing Workshop and Silkscreen Demonstration STATE HALL: Room 125Thea Gahr • Mary Tremonte Divestin' from Capitalism, Using TimeBanks STATE HALL: Room 115Alice Bagley • Johanna James • Krystle Okafor • LaTierra Piphus • Jane Slaughter Futurism Now: Limitless Hope through Speculative Fiction MCGREGOR: Room Bamp • Deep Center&amp • Dare Dukes • s Youth Leadership Team Poetry as Freedom STATE HALL: Room 117LaShaun 'Phoenix' Kotaran • Eldric Laron • A'janae Neal • Imani Nichele • Justin Rogers • LaShawn Smith-Wright Scratch 3.0: Creating and Expressing with Code STUDENT CENTER: Room 384Champika Fernando • Saskia Leggett • Jaleesa Trapp The Future Generation: Parenting, Children, and Community Stories STATE HALL: Room 128Dortheá Enriqúe • Scheherazade Washington Parrish Using Zines to Center Native Peoples in Community Organizing MCGREGOR: Room CPauline Alvarez • Michelle Bernardino • Joel Garcia • Andrea Perez • Marina Perez • Kimberly Robertson Visionary Organizing: Crafting Radical Futures STATE HALL: Room 137Jonathan Hanna • Erika Linenfelser Who "They" Is: Humanizing the Built Environment STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry BAlexandria Barnes • Bradley Cooper • Jasmine Humphries • Madison Schillig "How to Survive the End of the World" Live Podcast STATE HALL: Room 101Autumn Brown • adrienne maree brown • Zak Rosen Policing Black Lives and Resistance Across Borders STATE HALL: Room 123Robyn Maynard • Leroi NewBold Reclaim Our Futures: Take Back Land & Housing STATE HALL: Room 134brandon king • Zach Murray • Devi Peacock • KP Pestaño • Denechia Powell • Xemiyulu Manibusan Tapepechul Shaping Narratives-- Elevating Storytellers @ An NPR/PBS Station STATE HALL: Room 127Breannah Alexander • Mariano Avila • Lin Trans is Magick: Building Trans Community Through Celebration STATE HALL: Room 135Jimena Lucero • Mikaela Xochitl afrofuturepast: Dance Technology and Aesthetics as Self Care STUDENT CENTER: Room 020Bree Gant The Art of Interviewing STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry DKeisha TK Dutes Black Teachers Matter: Turning the Tide of Black Teacher Loss STATE HALL: Room 131Natalia Bacchus • Diamonte Brown Liberate the Skies: Diaspora and the New Anti-Militarism STATE HALL: Room 114Farah Erzouki • Ali Issa • Samira Shifteh Real People, Real Stories: Representation of Deaf Bodies STATE HALL: Room 113Beatrice Bachleda Mawadisidiwag: They Visit Each Other SHUTTLE STOP: Anthony Wayne + KirbyThe Aadizookaan

3:00pm EDT

4:00pm EDT

When It All Changed: A Transformative Media Experience MCGREGOR: Room CJohn Sloan III • Sultan Sharrief Capoeira Angola & Batucada of Michigan STUDENT CENTER: 020Kelvin Wyatt Cost of Content Moderation: Censorship and Human Rights STATE HALL: Room 117Nasser Eledroos • Jennie Rose Halperin • Becca Ricks Emergent Strategy: Spells and Practices Times STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry Badrienne maree brown Fight Your Racist Camera STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry DPatri Gonzalez-Ramirez • Jesus Villalba Lifting as They Climbed: A Tour of Chicago Black Women Histories STATE HALL: Room 125Mariame Kaba • Essence McDowell • Kierra Verdun Logos for Change STUDENT CENTER: Room 285SPNN Youth Action Committee Memeing the Labor of Social Justice Web Content STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry ABryce Fields • Tanner Howard People Power Art STATE HALL: Room 116Sol Aramendi • Sara Angel Guerrero • Carolina Penafiel Piss on Pity: Radically Uprooting the Culture of Ableism STUDENT CENTER: Room 025Hong Gwi-Seok • Baba Baxter Jones Sailing for Social justice STATE HALL: Room 115Tala Khanmalek • Audrey Kuo The Big Idea: Taking Film Ideas from Impulse to Action MCGREGOR: Room BAndrea Claire Morningstar • Jasmine Rivera The SPOT Youth-Led Open Studio: Visual and Media Arts Playshop STATE HALL: Room 137Natasha Beste • Zack Bissell • Erika Villarreal Bunce • Tanykia Diamond Davis • Jeimy Lopez • Johnathan Williams Biomythography STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry CAsia Mock • Valencia Vanner Handing Over the Mic: KQED’s Youth Takeover of the News STATE HALL: Room 127Chanelle Ignant Joyful Resistance: Art and Protest in Defense of the Hood MCGREGOR: Room JChiResists and Barrios Against Displacement Staying Power: Creative tools for housing & belonging STATE HALL: Room 128Evan Bissell • Sasha Graham • Cierra Jevae-Gordon Breaking Library Silos for Social Justice (BLS4SJ) STATE HALL: Room 135Elle Covington • Cindy Fisher • Ayshea Khan Design Justice Network Planning Session STATE HALL: Room 123Danielle Aubert • Victoria Barnett • Sasha Costanza-Chock • Ebony Dumas • Una Lee • Victor Moore Dismantling Gender in Youth Spaces STATE HALL: Room 113Johanna Burgos • Nana Minder Maroon Oracle Network and Decolonizing Digital Spaces STATE HALL: Room 114Nasah Kiam Crockett • P. Gabrielle Foreman • Alexis Pauline Gumbs • Vanessa Holden • Jessica Marie Johnson Let`s Make Electronic Music! STUDENT CENTER: Hilberry EScott Murphy

6:00pm EDT

7:00pm EDT

10:00pm EDT