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darien r wendell

Chicago Black Trans & Gender Non-Conforming Collective (BTGNC), FTP, & For Youth Inquiry (FYI)
Transdisciplinary artist, curator, & educator
darien r wendell is a sensitive, black, gender expansive, queer being & punk living in Chicago, IL from many other places like Phoenix, AZ & Pontiac, MI. A transdisciplinary artist, curator, & educator, ey makes art and work creates space/time for refuge, repair, and release between the moments of suffering and surviving. Currently, darien is in love with using fabric to tell forgotten stories, cooking food to heal, and supporting youth in their struggles to live freely. d is driven and inspired by the ongoing resistance work and legacies formed by peoples living and thriving within and beyond systems deliberately designed to demolish them. Beyond their work as a facilitator at ICAH and company member with For Youth Inquiry, darien is a core member of the Black Trans & Gender Non-Conforming (BTGNC) Collective, a member of For the People's Artist Collective, and one half of A Tribe Called Cunt, a squad of creatives uplifting trans & queer hip-hop culture.