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Deana Lewis

Love & Protect
Deana Lewis's scholarly and activist work focuses on tran/cis Black women and girls who have experienced state violence. Her research interests include Black girlhood studies, the school/prison nexus, and youth incarceration. More specifically, Deana is interested in Black girls' experiences within the school to prison pipeline and how their experiences have been left out of discourses about youth incarceration in general. She is currently the Assistant Director and a Visiting Clinical Lecturer in Gender and Women's Studies as well as a doctoral candidate in educational policy studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Outside of school and work, Deana is a member of Love & Protect, a support committee dedicated to supporting of marginalized gender identities who are criminalized or harmed by state and interpersonal violence. She is also a founding member of the Just Practice Collaborative, whose purpose is to build communities' capacity to effectively and empathically respond to intimate partner violence and sexual assault without relying primarily on police or other state-based systems.