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Miguel Guzman

Water Protector

Miguel Guzman sees how people think we are living in fresh air and good clean water, but then people start dying off. This is connected to the pollution and the extraction of resources form the earth that contaminates us. He thinks about how do we go against a project or something in our time, even when we know the outcome. But we do go against them and we will continue to do so.

He was born in Quiroga, Michoacan where we had access to fresh flowing mountain water throughout his childhood. When he took his daughter there a few years back he saw that even with that fresh water, it was being piped into the city through asbestos pipes and people were getting sick. Learning about asbestos pipes and water tanks in his city showed how systems and officials can harm us through our water. His state exports many fruits and goods from there and he has seen how the resources are extracted, including the recent privatization of water in Quiroga.

He sees how we are being contaminated and sometimes can’t do anything, but also knows that we can. Even something as small as making sure water is piped to areas where it has been shut off. Instead of all the oil, it should be water. He believes people should be able to travel without water bottles and having access to clean water places. Agua es vida!