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Mikaela Xochitl

Trans is Magick! Collective
Mikaela Miguel Xochitl (pronounced mee-KY-el-ah mee-gual soh-CHEE-thol) is a Community Healer, Shamxn and Activist whose gender is an amalgamation of Two Spirit, Radical Queer and Xicanx Lesbian cultura. They are a descendant of mesoamerican Shamanic healing traditions with roots stretching from the East to West coast and through Teotihuacan. Peep them smoking Mugwort & levitating around Brooklyn while daydreaming of a reality sans patriarchy or capitalism. Heal with them at www.QTPOCMysticism.com/receive.
Mikaela Miguel (pronounced mee-KY-el-ah mee-gual) is a Two-Spirit Shamxn, Activist and Creator whose gender is an amalgamation of radical Trans and Xicanx cultura. In 2015 they alchemized Ihiyotl, a decolonized community healing practice centering the emotional needs of QTPoC & trauma survivors. Mikaela's work at Ihiyotl is grounded in their belief liberation is only possible when the entire Self is engaged in healing. In 2017 Mikaela began disassembling heteropatriarchy through the Trans is Magick Collective, a Trans PoC art collective building resilience and visibility through celebration. Their poetry is forthcoming in AMNLY 27. Peep them smoking mugwort & predicting the future in occupied Lenape territory, commonly known as New York City.